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UEI GC6GN6L8MJK9 CAGE 72JA8Bedrock Protection Agency LLC

Bedrock Executive ProtectionSeattle - Tacoma Washington

Close Protection, Executive Protection, Celebrity Protection, Bodyguard & VIP Security

Family Office, Private Investigation, Armed Security, UHNWI, Executive Protection, Security, Close Protection, Secure Travel

Close & Executive Protection

Protection Against Loss, Embarrassment or Harm.

Executive, Vip, Dignitary, Celebrity Protection

Discreet services are designed to support your security, comfort, and success. Our bespoke specialist services are delivered according to industry best practices by service-oriented professionals with global operating experience and extensive training.

Secure Travel And Protection Escorts

The security driver is the core element of most protection programs. Bedrock will facilitate your transportation efficiently, securely, and in comfort. Airport pickup and delivery service available.

Corporate Resource Officers

A Bedrock Corporate Resource Officer (CRO) provides the protection and concierge services of a Close Protection Agent across the entire executive C-Suite. The CRO has completed specialized training in Crisis Management, Active-Shooter Interdiction, Deescalation, and key individuals' protection. Corporate Resource Officers are operational consultants that can be brought in quickly on a short term basis to defend against temporary threats or “tune-up” your existing corporate security.


Workplace Violence Programs

Countering workplace violence to promote security, retention, productivity, and success.ng digital risk and providing peace of mind through secure communications.

Security Consulting & Training

Consulting services for threat, vulnerability, risk assessments, and planning of internal initiatives.


Secure Meetings and Events

Bedrock will match the correct tone and approach to suit each client's unique corporate culture and needs.


Secure Travel - Private Jet Charter

VIP Secure Air and Ground Transportation for High Net Worth Persons, and Global Travelers.


Because of your wealth and high-profile status, you are constantly exposed to both physical and virtual threats

● An unsafe environment for yourself or your executives● Uncertainty of operating in emerging markets● Unforeseen emergencies, traffic accidents or medical complications● Data breaches● Intellectual property theft● Public embarrassment

We believe security and safety is your right, and we're dedicated to making it easier to achieve peace of mind.

● In our 30 years, we have helped over a thousand elite organizations, including over 22 Fortune 500 companies, become more secure. We are a world-class company that will secure you from ALL physical and virtual threats.