Protection for your Life, Privacy and Assets

Bespoke Security, Intelligence and Executive Protection for Corporations, Executives, Family Offices, and High Net Worth Individuals

Gain Peace of Mind

Knowing you are prepared for unforeseen circumstances

Take Back Your Time

While we handle the day-to-day details

Protect Your Legacy

With assurance that we aremonitoring your best interests

protection from physical and virtual threats

Because of your wealth and high-profile status, you are constantly exposed to both physical and virtual threats

 An unsafe environment for yourself or your executives● Uncertainty of operating in emerging markets Unforeseen emergencies, traffic accidents or medical complications● Data breaches● Intellectual property theft● Public embarrassment

The security needs of corporations, executives, family offices, and High Net Worth Individuals are unique.

  • executive protection

    Executive Protection - Close Protection - Covert Protection

    Be protected against loss, embarrassment, or harm

     VIP Secure Air and Ground Transportation● Advance logistics and planning Specialist Security Drivers Executive Protection Agents Residential Security Teams● Concierge-level support, facilitation, and convenience Travel Risk Management ISO:31030

  • corporate security

    Corporate Security - Physical Security - Special Events

    Create a secure environment at your office or next event

    Executive ProtectionBranded events Shareholder & board meetingsCorporate gatheringsBuilding construction insurance complianceSpecialist Security PersonnelCorporate Security Officers Transportation and Travel Risk Management ISO:31030

  • security risk and vulnerability sssessments

    Consulting - Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessments - Investigations

    Put us to work for you, so you can take back your time

    ● Private Investigation & Intelligence● Surveillance Operatives Due Diligence Research● Security Consulting & Training Workplace Violence Interdiction Programs● Security Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessments● Executive Protection Training Executive Protection Program Development Security Action Plans Travel Risk Management ISO:31030

  • cybersecurity services

    Cybersecurity - Security Assessments - Privacy Protection

    Manage digital risk and gain peace of mind

     Insider threat detection Cyber awareness training Cyber liability insurance HIPAA and PCI compliance High Trust

As Security and Executive Protection Experts - we understand risk -

We also know how complex a proper security or executive protection plan is.

That’s why we do what we do: Keeping you safe, comfortable and successful.

security and executive protection experts

We believe security and safety is your right, and we're dedicated to making it easier to achieve peace of mind.

● In our 30 years, we have helped over a thousand elite organizations, including over 22 Fortune 500 companies, become more secure. We are a world-class company that will secure you from ALL physical and virtual threats.

How it Works


Schedule your Assessment

Our people are highly-trained, ultra-experienced security experts. Our Vulnerability Assessment takes everything into account: you, your schedule, your environment, virtual threats, and more.


Activate your customized Security Action Plan

Informed by our assessments, and guided by decades of practice, we will develop your bespoke Security Action Plan. Once you’re satisfied with the plan, we’ll go to work for you.


Live life in peace and security

Protected by Bedrock, you’ll have confidence that you and your assets are safe; physically, virtually, and completely.

At Bedrock, we know that you want the best protection for yourself and your assets, knowing the many potential threats and security issues you face are unique. To do that, you need a bespoke protection plan for your life, privacy, and assets.
You are exposed to elevated personal risk because of your employment, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations, or geographical location. You are constantly exposed to physical, cyber, and virtual risks. The world is not a secure place. You are left worried that you may choose an executive protection and security firm that doesn't fully understand your needs, and the consequences may be dire.
We believe security and safety is your right, and we're dedicated to making it easier to achieve peace of mind. As security and executive protection experts, we understand risk. We also know how complex a proper security and executive protection plan is.
That’s why we do what we do: Support your safety, comfort, and success.

Bedrock protection company

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