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UEI GC6GN6L8MJK9 CAGE 72JA8Bedrock Protection Agency LLC

Mitigate Risk with Data-Driven Intelligence

Combining discreet human intelligence with AI-based technology powered by MosaicIQ, we are able to scour the globe for the most trusted data sources, to arm you with the actionable intelligence you need to do business with confidence.


Make important decision quickly - with the right information at-hand


The important details you need - that no one else can find


Because sometimes humans miss things - AI provides more comprehensive data

don't risk with background investigation

Don't risk your business on a superficial background investigation

Improper due diligence will leave you and your business exposed to:

Concealed or misrepresented facts● Conflicts of interestSubstantial monetary loss● Reputational damage● Lawsuits

How It Works

get a free consultation

1. Get a Free Consultation

Let us know what your needs are and what measures you currently are, or are not taking to conduct comprehensive due diligence.

formulate a plan

2. Formulate a Plan

Informed by your free consultation, we'll create a custom action plan to identify how our investigations team and AI-powered technology can help you mitigate risk and discover facts.

make business decisions

3. Make Business Decisions Quickly and Confidently

With our comprehensive due diligence investigations and reporting, you'll experience a new level of confidence in taking quick action on critical decisions in your company.

Mitigate risk - Gain peace of mind

Due Diligence Investigations

High-stakes business decisions require comprehensive information. We combine the knowledge and experience of a human investigator with unbiased, internet-scouring AI technology to give everything need to know about the people and organizations you're doing business with.

Industry Reputation

Scour industry and media coverage to locate noteworthy and potentially adverse information

Sanctions & Watchlists

Uncover political exposure, global sanctions violations, and regulatory body violations.

Professional History

Detailed dossier of the subject's professional reputation and corporate relationships.

Criminal & Civil Records

Comprehensive reporting of criminal, civil, bankruptcy, judgements and liens.

Global Background Research

We provide comprehensive foreign intelligence reporting on litigation, criminal activity, sanctions, and watchlists. Our network of global researchers uncover public records that aren't available online. Then our linguists translate and interpret the records for your review.

Red FlagsKey Indicators

Discover key indicators and red flags on companies and principals.

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Translation Interpretation

Data is translated, analysed and interpreted by our linguists.

Professional History

Detailed verification of foreign employment, education, and professional history.

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Compliance Verification

Ensure compliance with international regulation and KYC.

Third-Party Due Diligence

By conducting an exhaustive evaluation of third-party relationships, you can focus resources where it matter most by reaching a quick disposition of relationships that pose little, or no, risk and focus on those that might attract scrutiny. Our experienced investigators help compliance officers and third-party risk management programs assess the risk posed by third-party relationships and formulate an approach that assess the most prudent level of due diligence.


Risk-Based Intelligence

Expand investigations only when red flags are identified using our risk-based approach

Public Records Discovery

Identify third-party risks attributed to political exposure, government connections, and reputational concerns.

Discreet-Source Inquiries

Quietly look beyond the public record to obtain greater understanding and context of risk

Periodic Review

All report reflect a snapshot in time. Periodically review third-party relationships with refreshed due diligence reports.

Anti-Money Laundering/KYC

Our intelligence reports will illuminate facts that will either strengthen a relationship or give you actionable cause for concern. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) services will assist you with onboarding third-party business partners, and vendors by verifying identity, reviewing global sanctions and watchlists while adhering to the regulatory requirements of the countries you do business with.

Simplified Onboarding

Streamline the onboarding of your vendors and clients.

Verification check

Identity Verification

Identify potential exposure by verifying data sources, identity, and potential subsidiary ownership.

Global Data Access

An exhaustive search of regulations, international sanctions lists, and watchlists.

Derogatory Findings Review

Gather and analyze derogatory news media reports and intelligence.

Global Asset & Property Discovery

Our investigators are adept at locating assets across the U.S. and internationally if you find yourself involved in judgments from litigation. We are able to uncover contract disputes, follow the money on potentially fraudulent investment deals, and locate assets including properties, residences, vehicles, vessels, aircraft, retirement accounts, bank accounts, trusts, and estates. Most reports include the historical record of any associated debts and legal action taken against the entity or individual.

Account Verification

Review and assessment of identified global bank account data and brokerage portfolios.


Property Identification

Ownership verification of real estates, autos, aircraft, and boating vessels.

Administrative and Civil Court Records

Uncover all bankruptcies and judgments against a subject.


Judgment Enforcement

Exhaustive search of associated liens, evictions, foreclosures, and debts.

Executive Candidate & Opposition Research

Employment regulations across jurisdictions are varied and complex, placing you in a precarious legal situation with prospective and new hires if you don't have the necessary expertise. We stay on top of jurisdictional employment laws to ensure that you are insulated from the risk of potential litigation for denying job candidates or terminating current employment. Every report is curated for the specific executive role and includes content that meets labor laws in the corresponding locality.

Criminal Record Search

Locate and report on criminal records found across all jurisdictions.

Professional Experience

Verification of employment and education history - domestic and international.

Global Coverage

Scouring of public records, databases, and media sources in foreign countries.

Social Media Discovery & Analysis

Gain a more complete picture of your candidate with a deep scan of social media content.

Discreet Source Inquiries

Human Intelligence from direct, confidential sources has significant value if you are operating in a jurisdiction or industry with a high risk of corruption or other risk issues, such as human trafficking, environmental violations, and opaque public records. A discreet source inquiry provides context around a company or individual's industry reputation, associations, past performance, and other risks associated with them.

Reputation & Past Performance

Assessment of industry reputation, past performance, and exposure of unforeseen risks.

Color & Context

Gain a deeper understanding with context into risk issues identified in the public record, such as litigation or negative media coverage.

Political Exposure

Assess an individual's political exposure and untoward use.

Underlying Wealth & UBO

Identify and individual's source of wealth and a company's ultimate beneficial ownership.

Social Media Reportspowered by MosaicIQ

The content disseminated on social media can make or break careers, swing stock prices, and instigate legal investigations. Our MosaicIQ-powered AI technology scans 7 years of social media content. The content is then analyzed by an experienced investigator who assembles a comprehensive report highlighting potential red flags.

Comprehensive Analysis

Analysis of all public social media posts to create a detailed report.

Customizable Red Flags

Identify what red flags are important to you and our software will tag the discriminatory and derogatory content.

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Associates Verification

Verification of association risks such as criminal history and political affiliation.

Derogatory Content Review

Uncover drug use, hate speech, violent, explicit or illegal activity.

Frequently Answered Questions

  • What is included in a due diligence investigation?

    Your Investigator will typically include a full review of public records, including, but not limited to: corporate registration, civil and criminal legal records, bankruptcies, judgments, liens, local and English-language media and internet records. They will also cross-reference sanctions lists and political exposure databases.
    The goal of each investigation is to build a reputational profile of the subject(s) so that you can make the best possible business decisions with confidence. In jurisdictions where publicly available information is limited, we work with our clients to craft a cost-conscious human intelligence report that utilizes our global network of sources to assess the reputation of the parties in question.

  • How does Bedrock's due diligence investigation service differ from other providers?

    Bedrock's due diligence investigations combine human research with technological enhancement to ensure the accuracy of the information presented and assist in decreasing turnaround times. Our research staff is trained to see subjects as a whole and to use the totality of research findings to confirm, question, and present the most comprehensive report possible.

  • What circumstances generally require a due diligence investigation?

    In most cases, our clients will request a due diligence investigation prior to the closing of a merger or acquisition, public filing, equity or cash investment, or on a routine basis as part of a comprehensive anti-bribery & corruption (ABC) or anti-money laundering (AML) program. Our services are sometimes utilized for the purpose of remediation or internal whistleblower cases.

  • What foreign jurisdictions do you cover?

    When accessing public records, we are able to cover nearly every jurisdiction. However, some jurisdictions without online records require a solution tailored to your needs that may in some cases require discreet source inquiries.

  • How are you able to assess a subject's political or government exposure in foreign jurisdictions?

    Our investigators speak with a range of well-informed and non-biased sources to gain an understanding of the subject's political leanings, involvement, and the nature of their relationships with government officials or politicians. This gives us the best chance of uncovering any untoward use of those connections. We are also able to conduct politically exposed persons (PEP) searches and uncover records of political donations.

  • How are you able to navigate sanctioned countries and conflict zones?

    We will not operate in sanctioned countries including, but not limited to Iran, Syria, and North Korea. We will not pay administrative or other fees to government agencies in sanctioned countries to retrieve information (i.e. corporate registration records, legal documents, etc.). We also will not engage sources for source information in sanctioned countries, conflict zones or jurisdictions where the source may be subject to injury or imprisonment.

  • What does a Know Your Customer/AML report include?

    Our investigators gather intelligence and report on identity, known locations and associates, and sanctions and watchlists. Each report can be customized based on your specific industry regulations.

  • Do your reports cover international sanctions and watchlists?

    Yes, each Know Your Customer/AML report includes data gathered from both domestic and foreign searches including public records and online databases. Often, clients request further human intelligence via discreet source inquiries.

  • Can you uncover a company’s UBO operating in a jurisdiction with limited records?

    Perhaps. By leveraging open source information and human intelligence gathered through discreet source inquiries, our investigative team is often able to identify a company’s ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) that is operating in a jurisdiction that has limited or difficult-to-uncover public records. Moreover, our investigators can reveal if that UBO is a “front man” or the true owner.

  • What does an asset search report include?

    Our reports include a subject’s identified assets and liabilities, and details for each case on employment history, civil or criminal records, and known associates.

  • How are liabilities broken down in your asset search reports?

    Yes. Each report will include all identified liabilities including bankruptcies, judgments, state and federal tax liens, uniform commercial code (UCC) liens, and lawsuits.

  • Does Bedrock perform forensic accounting?

    No. An asset search focuses on compiling and analyzing the status of assets as part of a due diligence background investigation. Uncovering assets associated with an individual or entity does not include critical analysis, and our investigators cannot report on assets transferred to another entity.

  • Will an executive candidate know if he or she is being screened?

    We always follow all industry regulations and standards when conducting executive pre-employment screenings. Based on SRA and employment laws, an employer can never screen potential employees without getting a release form from the candidate ensuring that they know their rights and the information being provided to the employer.

  • What specific criteria is provided in an executive pre-employment screening?

    We have various capabilities based on our clients’ internal compliance. Our team can help guide you through industry standards to set up protocols for your company.

    For example, our investigators can compile existing criminal and civil records from court systems in the U.S. and abroad, social media content analysis, reviews of sanctions and government watchlists, and verification of educational and employment history.

  • How often should my company screen its executives?

    Many firms only screen executives upon hiring. Your company may be exposed to more risk by limiting employment screening in this way. We can assist you in determining how to mitigate risk with your current staff.

  • How do you qualify your human intelligence and present that information in a report?

    By speaking with well-informed sources in a given industry and adhering to strict intelligence qualifying standards, we avoid presenting speculative and unreliable intelligence as facts. Potentially adverse intelligence is presented in its proper context and almost always alongside commentary from additional sources to support or refute it.

  • Can you identify the ultimate beneficial owner of a company operating in an opaque jurisdiction?

    Through the combination of open source and human intelligence, our investigators can often identify the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) of a company operating in an opaque jurisdiction and more importantly understand if that UBO is the actual owner or a front man.

  • How do you maintain discretion when conducting source inquiries?

    We have multiple measures in place to ensure OPSEC in our investigations. By adhering to strict standards for sources, we are able to maintain OPSEC throughout the investigation process. Discretion is built into the process.

  • How can MosaicIQ improve due diligence?

    Our hybrid approach of human and technology insight, poring through hundreds of pages of content from the subject’s public profiles, as well as content that includes a name and affiliation match, can be completed with the quickest and most accurate reporting.

  • Will the subject be notified of the social media screening?

    No. We adhere to all legal requirements and industry standards when performing all investigations. In the case of social media screenings, we are not required to notify the subject.