Cyber Defense & Training

Cybersecurity & Cyber Defense

We are not an IT company. Bedrock is a security firm providing protection for your IT systems, networks, privacy and data.
Our proactive approach provides organizations with an objective understanding of their current security risk and vulnerability and provides a solution to effectively mitigate the risk through the remediation of vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
Our BedrockCyber team specializes in:● Cybersecurity strategy and culture through education and training;● Developing heightened level of security awareness and vigilance;● Protecting critical assets and applications;● Ensuring only those who belong in your workplace have access;● Make backups and avoid loss of info critical to operations; and● Limit damage and restore normal operations quickly.

Our Expertise


Cyber Awareness Training

Any organization’s biggest vulnerability is first, and foremost, it’s personnel. Improperly trained people can mismanage or misuse information systems creating major vulnerabilities for the network and infrastructure.



Health information was the second most at-risk type of data in cyber incidents, making up a third of potentially compromised records.* Complex HIPAA and PCI regulations and deadlines demand third-party assistance to ensure the security of patient information.


Insider Threat Detection

Small and medium-sized businesses often lack the manpower needed to adequately address violations to their own security policies that could lead to an insider threat and/or leave them vulnerable to a breach.

Containment & Training

Cyber Liability Insurance

Our Compliance Manager supports more than a dozen of the top cyber liability insurers out of the box and helps you simplify this process to increase your bottom line. Above all, lowering insurance risks for our clients, and helping them secure payouts in the event of a claim.