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UEI GC6GN6L8MJK9 CAGE 72JA8Bedrock Protection Agency LLC

Private Investigator Utah

A distinct feature of our bespoke security services at Bedrock is a solid understanding of surveillance investigation fundamentals. This makes us one of the most sought after companies for clients looking for a private investigator in Utah. Our PIs have the basics down and can carry out excellent surveillance for our VIP clients.

What is private surveillance?

One of the most notable aspects of a PI's work is private surveillance. This process involves watching someone or something to gather information. Private surveillance is designed to help PI's gather evidence for their cases, including missing persons, fraud, and child custody.

Scope of work

When many people think of private investigation, they imagine PIs sitting in their vans waiting for subjects to emerge and take photos. This perception has some truth to it. However, the experienced private investigators at Bedrock go beyond just taking photos for evidence. They have been trained to remain patient and inconspicuous while they do their jobs. In addition, our PIs are equipped with the latest surveillance technologies.

Private investigators usually begin investigations by building profiles of the subjects. Once they have the subjects’ profiles, the investigators determine the best forms of surveillance tools to use for the job.

What is audio-visual surveillance?

Visual surveillance is probably the one element of private investigation that many people are aware about. It often involves taking photographs of subjects under surveillance and using hidden cameras to gather evidence. The most basic visual surveillance level may involve gathering evidence by observing and taking notes on a notepad. However, this level of visual surveillance often does not provide substantial physical evidence.

To gather additional evidence, our experts at Bedrock use equipment-based visual surveillance. This often involves using a wide range of gadgets, including smartphones and cameras, to gather evidence. In some cases, PIs use drones to collect evidence.

Audio Surveillance is just as important as visual surveillance. In many cases, audio surveillance can be quite damning. Like video surveillance, audio surveillance can be carried out without equipment. In such cases, the audio surveillance is undertaken to provide clues of upcoming events or activities. Some of the best evidence include a subject’s own words incriminating himself.

The private investigators at Bedrock often use hidden microphones and recording devices to capture conversations between subjects. We have the latest audio recording devices, including small audio recorders that our PIs can easily fit into their pockets.

Digital Surveillance

Apart from audio and video surveillance, a standard surveillance method in today's world is digital surveillance. PIs often leverage the power of social media to gather evidence. Digital surveillance means you can continue gathering evidence about subjects even when they disappear from view by picking their online activities.

Social media is an extremely powerful tool for surveillance. A subject's social media posts could provide clues about their activities, schedule, likes, dislikes, interests, friends, family, and location.

The work of a private investigator in Utah goes deeper than the methods and equipment they use. It depends largely on the PIs' ability to collect and analyze information. Please call Bedrock today to help you unveil the truth.