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Private Investigations: How to Find Top Experts

Private Investigations: How to Find Top Experts

Some data suggests that the employment of private investigators and detectives will grow six percent in the next nine years in the US. So too with most other countries. This proves the demand for private investigations is rising rapidly. Thus, some of the sectors that require services in this field include

  • legal,
  • corporate,
  • insurance, and
  • family office.

In high-stakes situations, private investigators tend to be sought-after in tight timeframes, where the clients require them to focus entirely on the task at hand and neglect all other personal duties or business operations.

That is why we recommend hiring a company that can handle a demanding workload and focus fully on the job instead of being stretched out too thin due to multiple projects assigned to a single investigator.

But why do people and firms seek private investigations in the first place? The reasons vary from client to client and could be broad or narrow in scope. Here are the top seven services in this field that people look for:

  • Surveillance,
  • Background checks,
  • Technical surveillance countermeasures,
  • Expert witnesses,
  • Missing persons and locates,
  • Undercover and deep cover operations,
  • Due diligence.

When people suspect that someone is hiding something from them, mistreating them, or trying to trick them in any way, they turn to private investigations.

Yet, this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as some individuals, companies, and institutions want to learn more about the topics that directly impact their business and personal well-being. This includes investigations that focus on:

  • Identity theft,
  • Nasty divorces and child custody battles,
  • Insurance fraud,
  • Personal injury, accident, or claim.

So, pretty much anything that can help people live more high quality, healthier, and better lives altogether. Hence, this article will explore how private investigations can genuinely make a difference for anyone!

Who Is a Private Investigator?

Not every person that presents themselves as a private investigator is one. In fact, many frauds exist out there, offering their services illegally and unprofessionally — or both. That is why the first step in assessing anyone from this sector is to check for their licenses.

In 45 of the 50 US states, including the District of Columbia, private investigators must possess a license to perform their investigative duties. In the remaining states, licenses are required only at the county or city level.

However, European countries have more loose regulations in this regard, with only a few requiring strict licensing. In any case, we urge you to find those with proper licenses and certifications as it suggests that they try hard to uphold the standards of their profession.

Whatever the legal requirements, there are some skills that you simply can only acquire through working on the ground and sheer experience. These are things like:

  • Excellent observation,
  • Keen eye, and
  • Analytical mind.

Private investigators employ these three to gather accurate information on situations and persons. But this is not to say that they are all equally qualified to work in any sector.

Indeed, different clientele requires myriad assistance, meaning that some private investigators specialize in distinctive fields more than others. But by and large, they all need similar abilities to succeed in their job. In other words, they need to:

  • Uncover evidence and facts,
  • Analyze information, and
  • Provide their clients with the results of their investigation promptly.

In fact, specific clientele, like law firms, may require them to get back to them in a matter of hours or days, as time is of the essence.

At any rate, we advise you to check all these criteria before hiring.

Background Checks - The New Normal

Dozens of millions of background checks occur in the West and Africa yearly. These are especially useful for family offices and corporations who want to be sure that the people they hire are, in fact, who they say they are. In contrast, not performing one could spell the difference between a successful hire and catastrophic consequences.

Simply put, a background check means collecting and verifying information on an individual by using records from public and private sources. For illustration, an expert in private investigations typically checks the following:

  • Education,
  • Work history,
  • Criminal and motor vehicle records,
  • Credit history, and much more.

In a nutshell, background checks help you uncover lies or omissions or even reveal past felonies to help you make better decisions in your hiring process, among many others.

Surveillance and Private Investigations

Some individuals wish to secretly surveil people of interest to them. Yet, others might be looking to discover those who surveil them. Whatever their interests, what is surveillance really? Also, what are some of the most common surveillance countermeasures companies and persons can implement with the help of firms specializing in private investigations?

First of all, surveillance is the process of monitoring, observing, and listening to people, including their

  • Communication,
  • Conversations, and
  • Movements.

The only way surveillance works is if the target person is unaware that they are being surveilled. To that end, private investigators can use static observation and mobile surveillance equipment like high-tech cameras.

In contrast, surveillance countermeasures comprise actions and tactics to identify sources of unwanted attention from:

  • Stalkers,
  • Media,
  • Fixated persons,
  • Groups,
  • Forms of hostile reconnaissance,
  • Followers, and others.

For the most part, to perform both surveillance measures and countermeasures, one will likely use the same devices and equipment, whereby utilizing a similar mindset.

Final Remarks

The field of application of private investigations is endless. From use in the private and public sectors, it can help individuals, companies, and institutions do their best work and protect themselves from those who wish to hide something from them.

As a matter of fact, some private investigators may work alongside law enforcement officials in the course of criminal investigations. Other times, they work solo. Whatever the case, they must follow strict standards, even when the law doesn't mandate it.

Ultimately, we recommend hiring those who are members of professional investigator associations, a clear indication that they work under a code of ethics or a set of bylaws.

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