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UEI GC6GN6L8MJK9 CAGE 72JA8Bedrock Protection Agency LLC

An Interview with J Damien Scott by Maria Aki of Indochine Media

An Interview with J Damien Scott by Maria Aki of Indochine Media

Maria: What is Bedrock Special Projects and why is the firm of interest to our readers?

Damien: That's a fair question. BEDROCK is partnership firm based in the USA with global assets and capabilities. BEDROCK is protection for your Life, Privacy and Assets. We provide bespoke Security, Intelligence, and Executive Protection for Corporations, Executives, Family Offices, and High Net Worth Individuals. We are practitioners of the Art and Science of Executive Protection - Delivered with Elegance by Design.

Maria: Would you say that Bedrock is a commercial product or a luxury service?

Damien: Security is a component of risk management for the UHNWI, their families and business concerns. Why not make it a luxury too? We think of Bedrock as an essential luxury.

Maria: We've heard many complaints about security in general. It becomes a burden, an obstruction, or a nuisance. How is BEDROCK different?

Damien: We recognize the personal nature of close protection, so we remain as covert and unobtrusive as we can. We understand that security is not limiting but rather a facilitator permitting our clients to stay safe, comfortable, and successful in their endeavors.

Maria: So no big guys in black suits and earpieces? (Laughs)

Damien: Generally no, but there might be a correct application for doing that. Maybe for an image thing, or to distract from the real close protection team.

Maria: How was your business affected by COVID19? 

Damien: The pandemic affected Bedrock in many ways. The demand for service was significantly reduced in 2020 because of travel restrictions and fewer social interactions. More significantly, the Bedrock family suffered from the loss of team members, family, friends, and associates. 

Maria: You talk about your firm with a lot of pride. What's your favorite thing about Bedrock.

Damien: BEDROCK is my family. I am proud of the corporate culture we've developed. Our people take personal ownership of their assignments while treating each client and each other with mutual respect.

Maria: So sum it up for us, what does Bedrock do and what are the services you provide?

Damien: You want a list?

Maria: Yes, please ...

Damien: The security needs of corporations, executives, family offices, and High Net Worth Individuals are unique. Bedrock provides a full spectrum of holistic Physical and Investigative Advisory Security services including: 

• Comprehensive threat assessments 

• Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) due diligence 

• Principal protective details (local needs and international travel) 

• Residential and commercial facility security 

• Threat intelligence 

• Kidnapping and terrorism threat management and training 

• Intrusion detection (red team/blue team) 

• Maritime security 

• Workplace threat management and training 

• Collectibles and high-value-item security and logistical support 

• Personal security awareness training 

• Investigations 

• Psychological profiling 

• Technical security countermeasures 

• 24/7 watch centers