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Secure Lifestyle Precautions for Children

Secure Lifestyle Precautions for Children

You're wealthy or you have the appearance of wealth. You work in a prominent position or attention is focused on you because of your status or influence. Perhaps you're a celebrity or come from a well known family.  You have taken security measures for yourself. You practice security awareness and avoid personal risk as much as you can.

Have you done the same for your children?

Often the VIP focuses on his security overlooking their family is vulnerable, especially their young children.  Children are especially vulnerable and often lack the awareness to protect themselves. This is especially true in the comfort of their home base. 

Here are some simple considerations for the children.

• Never leave young children alone or unattended. Be certain children are in the care  of a trustworthy, capable person. 

• If it is necessary to leave appropriately aged children at home unattended, keep the house locked up, well lighted and notify a trusted neighbor or close friend.

• Instruct children to keep doors and windows locked and to not allow strangers inside.

• Teach children how to contact the police or neighbor in an emergency. Practice escape or evasion drills.

• Ensure children know where and how to contact parents at all times. 

• Maintain recent photographs of your children at hand. The photographs should display a  clear view of the child’s head. 

• If you have children entering the home alone, teach them not to enter the home if the  door is ajar, if a strange car is in the driveway, or if something else does not seem right. Tell them where they need to go if this situation occurs. 

• Instruct your children to: 
− Never leave home without telling you. 
− Travel in pairs or small groups. 
− Avoid isolated areas.
− Don't accept rides from strangers. Refuse automobile rides from strangers and refuse to accompany strangers  anywhere on foot even if the strangers say mom or dad sent them, or said it was  “okay.”  Children should similarly be aware of strangers offering gifts, food, or  using small animals to get them into a vehicle. 

These are basic, simple considerations that should be practiced by all parents whenever or wherever applicable.

Final thought - You don't need to be wealthy or prominent to be a secure lifestyle practitioner.

The following tips were provided by the well respected and highly sought after Founder & CEO of Athena Worldwide & Nannyguards/ Managing Partner at LeMareschal LLC - Denida (Zinxhiria) Grow - LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/denida-grow-15959a14 )

Safety checklist Safe at Home:
 Check all the locks in doors and windows.  Change your locks when you move to a new house.  Always block the visual from outside with shades, curtains or window films.  Check before replying and opening the door.  Use proper lighting for outside areas.  Use motion sensor lights.  Make sure there are no bushes or anything else that someone can use to hide and surprise/attack you. -Check your home surroundings for any signs that would indicate someone has been present or observing you .  Make a list with registered sex offenders in the area (Memorize their photos!)  Use key words for Google news to be informed for any incident in your home area as well as child’s school area.  Stay informed by your local authorities on latest crime incidents in your area.  Be cautious when new people or unknown persons approach you.  Be cautious about what information you give away.  Know where first aid and emergency kits are placed and familiarize yourself with the equipment and how to use it.  Have a fire extinguisher and learn how to use it. Teach older kids as well.  Have an emergency plan (all family members must be informed about it)  If the family lives in an apartment complex, memorize where the emergency exits are.  Always prefer using the elevator instead of the stairs.  Memorize your distances and directions to move from your apartment to the exit in pitch dark.  Have the home address posted in an easy to access place, include clear directions. If you have home lines, stick it behind your phone.  Learn your area very well. Your neighbors and their vehicles.  Notice any suspect object or placing of bins, vehicles etc.