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UEI GC6GN6L8MJK9 CAGE 72JA8Bedrock Protection Agency LLC

Security Services Utah

Bedrock is a renowned Utah security company serving VIP clients. We have received many awards in the security industry thanks to the quality of our services. Our company has gained a reputation for providing premier VIP security services to business people and prominent personalities.

Why should you choose us?

We are one of the best UT security companies offering quality VIP protection at some of the industry's best rates. Our security personnel receive the best training and have gained many years of experience in protecting VIP clients. In addition, we enroll our staff in continuous training programs so they can keep abreast of the latest techniques in personal security.

Our security personnel has received training in first aid, threat detection, self-defense, martial arts, and weapon use. Our VIP services include offering personal bodyguards and security detail for celebrities and high-profile individuals.

Excellent customer care

Our security personnel has received the best training in combat as well as customer care. We realize that Utah's security companies offered security services, but their personnel did not possess customer care skills. Therefore, we stepped up to provide our clients with the kind of excellent customer service they expect from a personal protection firm. We value our clients, and we pair them with experienced personal security experts. Our team is available 24/7. We handle any matter that arises professionally and in the shortest time possible.

Professional and Reliable

We hire professionals and give them extra training so that they can meet our standards. Their level of experience and knowledge makes them valuable to our clients. Our team consists of licensed security experts with certificates of good conduct.

In our industry, the client comes first; therefore, we always have to be reliable. Our clients can contact us every day, including holidays, and we will be available to serve them. Our staff works eight-hour shifts so that they can have time to recharge. 

Our training does not end once we hire staff. Security services technology keeps changing, so we offer our staff continuous training to keep up with the changes.


We are a trusted VIP security company. Our rates are fair and do not come with hidden charges. In addition, we do not charge extra for overtime or for working during the holidays. You do not need to break the bank to afford our services. We understand that our clients have different security needs. Therefore, we offer tailor-made services to accommodate the needs of our clients. Come to us with your budget, and we will provide something that works for you.

Insured, licensed, and bonded

In our line of work, we are always prepared for emergencies, which is why we are licensed and bonded. This ensures we safeguard our clients and staff from unforeseen issues. In addition, all members of our team are licensed. All the members of our staff abide by a strict code of professional conduct and ethics.

Our operations keep expanding and have now reached various states in the U.S., including Utah. A good proportion of our business comes from referrals, which we consider an indicator of our security services quality. Please call Bedrock today to learn more about our services.