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Private Investigator Salt Lake City UT

For many people, the thought of an SLC private investigator brings back memories of movie scenes of people hiding in cars and taking photos in secret. For others, private investigators are professionals you call only when you have an emergency. The truth is the scope of work for private investigators goes beyond hiding and taking photos; they also help people deal with personal and business issues.

Advantages of Hiring a Private Detective

Business Affairs

Business people often have to verify employee information to ensure they only work with people they can trust. A Salt Lake City private investigator can help you determine the employees engaging in fraud, corporate espionage, theft, and non-disclosure agreements violations. Private investigators may also conduct surveillance to determine if employees are misappropriating company funds, providing services or goods for free, and other unwanted activities.

A private investigator could come in handy in case you want to expand your business venture. If you are looking to establish a business partnership with an individual, you may want to hire a private investigator to check the person's history and credentials. The PI's main job is to conduct a background check and brief you before you make a final decision.

Consider hiring a PI to verify the credentials of the company or organization you wish to invest in. The role of the PI is to research the information you need to make an informed decision.

Private investigators can help with workers' compensation. Although some employees have genuine workers' compensation claims, many use fraudulent means to make workers' compensation claims. Fraudulent claims can cost companies significant amounts of money. A Salt Lake City private I can conduct surveillance to verify the claimed injuries.

Personal Matters

Private investigators can conduct surveillance to help individuals deal with personal issues. Some of the personal issues a PI can investigate include the background of a partner or whether a spouse is cheating. They can also investigate child custody cases to ensure kids are safe in their parents' custody and that the parent with the custody abides by the agreement placed by the courts. The evidence collected by private investigators in child custody cases can be presented in court to establish if the child's safety and welfare are upheld.

A private investigator may also help you locate another person. People often hire private investigators to locate their birth parents, long lost friends, employers, spouses, adopted children, and co-workers.

Today, people and businesses can be adversely affected by information posted about them online. An SLC private detective may help you locate information posted about you or your business online that could damage your reputation.

Criminal Defense

Private investigators can conduct surveillance on behalf of lawyers and the accused. Law firms and defense teams may face challenges tracking down and interviewing witnesses. A private investigator can track down and interview the witnesses on behalf of the legal teams.

Whether you are looking for a PI for personal or business issues, Bedrock is here to serve you. Please call us today at 1 (801) 997-0989 for a free consultation.