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Private Investigator Salt Lake City

Count on the Top Private Investigator in Salt Lake City

A private investigator is a professional specialized in gathering and processing information to clarify doubts regarding a particular matter. They use advanced methods of investigation and analysis in order to clarify facts that will assist in problem-solving.

If you have doubts regarding a specific case, you may need a top-of-the-line private detective to assist you. It is essential that you know what are the most common types of cases in which a best Salt Lake City NV private investigator is needed.

Top-5 Most Common Private Investigation Cases

1) Surveillance
Surveillance is a process of detailed monitoring and observation of a person, place, or object. In addition to observation, documentation is made with evidence that may include audio, photos, and videos. The objective is to identify any irregular contact or behavior of the person under surveillance. The best private detectives in Salt Lake City NV can do surveillance for you to resolve a variety of situations. These include infidelities, school bullying, or irregular worker behavior. When surveillance is done to a site, it may be to detect theft or unauthorized access.
2) Cyber Security
Today, various types of computer crimes are commonplace, and to prove them the role of a top-notch private investigator is essential. Cybercriminals seek to appropriate valuable information that can make them money. This information can be financial data, intellectual property, classified data, or customer information, among others. A top private investigator in Salt Lake City can be useful not only if a crime is occurring. They can also be hired to determine points of weakness in systems where information can be leaked.
3) Fraud
These investigations combine a number of techniques including surveillance, interviews, and review of documents and records. Insurance companies frequently use these types of inquiries. The goal is for Salt Lake City private detectives to determine if the person faked an accident in order to collect a claim. In many cases, insurance companies have their own investigation department. However, in order to proceed legally, they must hire an outside firm to certify the facts. Companies can also use private detectives to avoid unjustified absenteeism.
4) Background Checks
In these investigations, a top PI in Salt Lake City NV uses different techniques to learn about the background of a person or an asset. In the case of individuals, it is usually used to learn about the reputation and integrity of someone who will be hired or promoted to a senior position, or a safety-critical position. In companies, it is used to verify the sanity of an asset to be purchased and certify that it is a legit transaction. This is known as due diligence.
5) Civil Investigations
This type of procedure is used to gather the information that can be used in lawsuits or civil proceedings. There are a variety of situations that may require a civil investigation, such as domestic violence, stalking, non-payment of child support, bereavement, and criminal behavior.

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If you need an investigation you can count on the leading private investigator salt lake city, Bedrock. We have over 30 years of experience in the investigation industry, and we are ready to assist you. Contact Bedrock Special Projects for the best modern protection for your life, privacy, and assets.