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Private Detective Las Vegas

What is it about private investigations that fascinate a vast majority of us? Most people have a deep-seated curiosity about the investigation and live out this part of their life through TV shows and documentaries. We tend to assume these professionals sit in a car all day and take pictures to knit a story. The truth is that the job involves more than we perceive, and indeed not one we can undertake in our spare time.

Hiring a private detective for hire in Las Vegas NV is the best decision when you want full access to the investigation project's professional and intellectual capacities. Often, the investigator has quick access to evidence and a wide range of services to develop a rich case. Private investigators offer many different packages, with detailed reports on their findings in court. The following is a detailed description of a private detective in Las Vegas.

What are the different types of investigation services?

There is no case too big or small for the private investigator. Our firm understands that you may have a unique challenge that does not fall within any particular investigation case. We can work on just about any case, with all kinds of details, including professional or social. The most common types of private investigation include the following:

General detective work

This Las Vegas private detective handles the general type of legal cases and issues. Most times, they work on child custody, divorce, property disputes, and missing persons cases. They usually perform background checks, online research, and surveillance to gather the necessary information for personal and legal matters.


Legal investigators prepare clients for court proceedings by collecting evidence and performing background checks to understand the procedures fully and the rules. One should always ensure the evidence is legal so it is presentable in court and offers you a better chance to argue your case.


Corporate investigators are also what you will refer to as business or financial investigators. We focus on investigating business operations and entities about fraudulent activities in an organization or transaction. Our findings will help you make better financial choices or uncover and fix an illegal transaction.


Insurance detective work involves different kinds of insurance claims. The Las Vegas PI aims to determine whether the employee reported an actual injury or an accident's validity before issuing an insurance compensation. The process may involve obtaining copies of the claimant’s driving and work history and recreational, social, and employment activities.


It is impossible to get the right divorce outcome when you cannot prove your divorce quest's grounds. We conduct exams and collect relevant evidence for proof that your spouse cheated, so you can use it how you deem it best. The evidence may include the following details:
● Names● Addresses● Phone numbers● Place of employment● Background check● Meeting time and location● Video and photo evidence
You can talk to our private investigator in complete confidence that we will treat your circumstance as unique as possible. Reach out by calling 1 (801) 997-0989 for a detailed breakdown of all ways we will protect your assets, life, and privacy with top-notch investigation services.