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UEI GC6GN6L8MJK9 CAGE 72JA8Bedrock Protection Agency LLC

Las Vegas Bodyguards

The successful protection agent possesses several traits that are almost unattainable from a typical training institution. The high-performing protector is particularly significant because they focus on both emotional and physical intelligence. These guys show up for the job with the natural science of threat assessment, route survey, and debus plans. Our Las Vegas bodyguards cannot be lumped into the general bodyguards’ group because they have top-notch training on private investigation and protection for online and offline situations.

Reasons we have the best Las Vegas armed protection

Executive protection

Executive protection is a specialized service that began with the launch of the Secret Service in the 70s. It refers to security measures that ensure the safety of high-status individuals and corporations. The goals of our close protection services include ensuring the security of the client and their associated wealth.


The best Las Vegas security services will only excel when they have a perfect balance of school and social intelligence. This case is especially vital when there will be a constant change of venues, event attendants, tasks, and security expectations. Even the best secret agent must be ready to control unprecedented situations with top-notch creativity and lightning adaptation.
Bedrock agents create their success no matter the technical details of the case. The superior results are due to the undeniable forward-thinking and proactive approach to adverse situations. The following are examples of situations that require different degrees of protection from our team:
● A celebrity will have overzealous fans.● The political icon will have incredibly hostile threats● A jeweler will have tricky and dangerous encounters at all times


Executive Las Vegas bodyguards are not the ones who can always anticipate a peaceful job. These should always expect an unwelcome event, especially when they are protecting a famous individual or company. We exude a calm demeanor and navigate challenging situations with a balanced emotional state. These traits are not indicative of our urgent response to adverse situations that need physical and mental strain.


The professional or executive client will prefer a professional bodyguard to maintain their business's neat exterior in public settings. Our professional commitment is to put aside personal interests and needs, to extend utmost professionalism in all situations. The successful agent maintains high integrity in all interpersonal commitments in the most professional manner possible.

Complete confidentiality is a crucial part of maintaining a professional front. It does not matter whether you want to mix family in your business trip or get a little social after a board meeting. Our job is to extend a high-security principle while creating the right atmosphere to enjoy specific security.  

While our Las Vegas security provider can stay in the high-end hotel, they do not get there to enjoy the stay and ignore their job. We get to the venue in advance and spend time making sure you will be comfortable with every service. Las Vegas armed bodyguards help all other corporate system players ensure they make everything look and work good for a safe, productive, and happy stay.

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