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How to Know If Your Business Needs a Security Guard

Oct 30, 2018

Does Your Business Need a Security Guard


Most business owners prioritize the safety and security of their businesses, and are already incorporating some protection strategies, such as CCTV systems. While security systems and panic buttons can provide your employees with important protection, nothing can replace the peace of mind that only an on-site security professional can provide. If you’re wondering if your organization needs this added layer of protection, ask yourself the following questions:


When Was the Last Time You Assessed Potential Threats and Vulnerabilities?


Every business faces unique threats and risks. If you have no idea what yours are, it’s time to find out. Schedule a security consultation with a local firm and discover the potential vulnerabilities in your business. Some of the most common threats for businesses include:


  • Theft. This is one of the biggest issues that companies face across all industries. Many business owners equate theft with shoplifting, but it encompasses much more than just retail stores. You may be vulnerable to theft of merchandise, cash, personal belongings, building components, or even intellectual property. No industry is immune.
  • Violence. Unfortunately, businesses have to consider the threat of violence to their employees and customers. The numbers don’t lie: 2 million Americans report being affected by workplace violence every year. Whether you are the manager of a store, a shopping mall, a residential complex, or even a parking lot, you must be prepared for the possibility of violent crime.
  • Vandalism. Businesses must not only be aware of dangers to their customers or workers, but also their property. Vandalism is costly and property crime can lead to decreased productivity or even a temporary shutdown of business operations, depending on the nature of the damage.
  • Loitering. Although loitering can seem relatively harmless, it can lead to a negative image of your business. It can also be an indicator of a more serious crime, like planning a theft or prostitution.


How Can a Security Guard Benefit My Business?


Hiring an on-site security guard to manage potential risks can provide several perks to your business. These include:


  • Less stress for you as a business owner. Instead of worrying about security during loading and transporting goods or money, or after hours, hire someone who can cover your interests physically and financially. This allows you to focus on what you do best – running your business.
  • Deter crime. Most businesses experience an abrupt decrease in crime, theft, and vandalism when they hire a security guard. Would-be criminals often don’t even try to carry out their plans when they see a security professional present.
  • Boost your employee morale. When you hire a security guard, your employees know that you’re looking out for their best interests.
  • Provide extra protection for your employees and customers after dark by escorting them to their vehicles.


Security guards provide businesses with extra security and peace of mind. If you don’t have one for your business, it’s time to consider it. Ask for a security consultation to identify your vulnerabilities and see how a security team can help your business function at its best.