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Security Risk & Vulnerability Assessments | Physical and Cyber Threat Convergence


Our management team provides clients with a diverse line of security consulting services to assist them in threat and risk assessments, security training, and planning of internal initiatives. Bedrock guarantees an in depth analysis of the client’s current security at the facility compared to leading industry standards and best practices.


 Bedrock Special Projects Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessments


We will establish a detailed plan to aid in ongoing and future security processes. Bedrock will make sure that these security programs are in-line with the specific facility needs and embody the client’s workplace culture.  Our consultants and subject matter experts utilize industry best practices and standards backed up by practical knowledge and real world experience.


Expertise and Capabilities: Executive Protection, Security Management, Crisis Management, All-Source Protective Intelligence, Business Continuity, Investigation, Surveillance, Hostile Extractions and Evacuations, Expedition Medical & Safety, Skills Development, Tactical Recovery of Assets and Personnel.


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