About Us


Bedrock Special Projects Group

provides highly trained professionals with the resources of an international network of operators

to support our clients throughout the U.S. and abroad with

intelligence, operational security, executive protection, investigative and logistical support.


Bedrock Special Projects Group is the close protection, consulting, intelligence and investigations division of Bedrock Protection Agency.

Our service is designed for the needs of corporations and high net-worth individuals. We are also by design, uniquely organized to support other protection professionals with advance work, intelligence, investigations, logistics and manpower as needed on a sub-contract basis.



Our strength is in our people and core values. Our staff is friendly and personable with a sincere desire to deliver an excellent consumer experience and value-added service. We look forward to building long-term relationships. 






Former United States Marine and police officer with more than 15 years full-charge executive experience providing executive protection, security and crisis management, investigation and intelligence services for government, private, and international organizations. 7+ years experience working in post conflict development with host country security forces and international business partners. Responsible for overall leadership within Bedrock Special Projects Group

Ben Beckes


Honorably discharged US Navy veteran with more than 10 years experience in protective services and private investigations. Graduate of Executive Protection Institute, Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics Institute Security Driver course, and numerous tactical and medical training courses. Currently working as team leader within Bedrock's Special Projects Division. Ben is also a Utah State Concealed Firearms Permit Instructor.

Tony T Henrie


Retired as a Supervisory Special Agent, FBI (23 years). Experienced in a wide variety of investigative matters, including drugs, fugitives, violent crimes, international and domestic terrorism, child sexual abuse, white collar crime, health care fraud, special operations, aerial and ground surveillance, interview and interrogation, et al. Ten years as a FBI Firearms instructor. Certified by the State of Utah as a Concealed Firearms Permit instructor. Fluent Spanish speaker.


Industry Affiliations

American Society of Industrial Security, International Close Quarters Protection Officer Association, International Security Driver Association


Finance and Insurance

The company is financially sound, profitable and growing. Our company has no operational restrictions imposed on it nor have we ever been barred from public bidding. 
Bedrock has Dunn & Bradstreet (D&B) Number 07-916-8127 with an excellent rating. Our insurance coverage (provided by the Mechanic Group) meets or exceeds all common industry requirements. 


Compliance and Legal

Bedrock is properly licensed in all of it's areas of operation. All of our staff is properly licensed and vetted. Our investigators are bonded individually in addition to our corporate bond. Bedrock has never had issues with any judicial, civil, or regulatory agency of any kind, anywhere. Our insurance and OSHA safety record is excellent. 



We coordinate, schedule and manage all case work and close protection assignments through TrackOps. Various Apps for Android support our operations. We use Verizon Wireless and PTT devices for most communications and augment surveillance and threat management cases with electronic cellular vehicle trackers when it’s legal and appropriate to do so.


Service Delivery - Investigations

Bedrock does not outsource investigators except on rare occasions when the client is better served by using a specialist sub-contractor.

We have a dedicated investigations case manager and typically, a case can be started within 72 hours and sometimes next day depending on our existing caseload.

Surveillance is the mainstay of our investigations unit. We also do criminal defense work, insurance fraud cases, locates, difficult civil process and attorney services.


Service Delivery - Protective Security Services / Close Protection

Special Projects personnel are primarily experienced military veterans, former law enforcement officers or WPPS personnel qualified for diplomatic or high-risk operations.

Emergency Services Teams can be deployed quickly to control and facilitate crisis operations during natural disasters, strikes, facility closures or other disruptive events. 

Special Projects maintains global service delivery options with unique assets and capabilities in Haiti and Kurdistan. Our team has experience in 

The selection process we use for executive protection agents is based on word of mouth referrals from within our team. We have a long track record providing executive protection and we network extensively. Once someone is selected they work with experienced team members until we get to know them and they earn our trust. We also require state licensing and conduct our own background checks to reinforce the backgrounds done by our state boards.


Non-Disclosure, Privacy, and Confidentiality

Client confidentiality is not a function of hardware, software or technology; it’s people oriented. However, we secure all communications and practice OPSEC at all times to avoid the common privacy pitfalls that can occur in email, messaging or telephone calls. There’s no substitute for good communications discipline. As we say “What happens in Bedrock, Stays in Bedrock”. All employees and contractors sign Non-Disclosure agreements. Operational security is a foundation of our service and critical to the provision of close protection and investigation services.


Customer ORIENTED Approach - Total Quality Management

We feel the key to customer satisfaction is transparency, communications, and responsive management. We have therefore streamlined project leadership protocols to keep our service on track and aligned with customer expectations. Disputes or exceptions are handled through effective communication and decisive leadership.