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Full PSD Teams, Corporate Security, Covert Ops and Solo Practitioners. High-Risk Meetings. Travel-Risk Management

Bedrock Special Projects Executive Protection Services


Witness Statements, Interviews, Evidence Collection, Photo / Video Documentation, Locates, Due-Diligence, Attorney Support

special investigations and surveillance



The secure solution for the potentially volatile task of terminating an employee or shutting down facilities.

workplace violence

Agency License:
Utah - Nevada - Montana 
Arizona - California

Mobile Patrol


Solutions built on recognized standards and real-world experience. 

secure events


Confidential Board, C-Suite and Shareholder Meetings, Exclusive Branded Events.

transportation services


Security Drivers, Ground Transportation. Full-Service Aviation Support and Consultation.  Advance logistics for your security, comfort, and productivity anywhere you need to be.




BEDROCk Special Projects GROUP

Our strength is our people. Bedrock Special Projects Group provides highly trained professionals with the resources of an international network of operators to support our clients throughout the United States and abroad with intelligence, operational security, executive protection, investigative and logistical support.

We stress the importance of personal service and strive to create an environment in which business or pleasure can be enjoyed without unnecessary interruption or distraction.

Investigations and intelligence are key components of a properly designed and executed risk management program. Bedrock offers the full package for 24/7 360 degree support.

Support for Professionals - Bedrock Protection will support other protection professionals traveling into Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming or our other service areas with advance work, protection agents, security drivers, intelligence, investigations, and logistics as needed. Our team will integrate into your service package without the client knowing who we are. Confidentiality and anonymity assured.

Bedrock close protection and security services

SPECIAL Investigations UNIT

(702) 996-7111 Extension 1 

Case Intake Email:

Investigations and intelligence are key components of a properly designed and executed risk management program. Bedrock’s investigation team is staffed with experienced, professional investigators from the private sector, local police and FBI (retired). Our SIU supports simple and complex investigations from witness statements and crime scene investigations to covert surveillance and criminal defense.


(702) 996-7111 Extension 2

close protection and risk mitigation

Executive protection done correctly fits the client like a bespoke tailored suit allowing for comfort, freedom of movement and individual style.

Bedrock Protection tailors each protective detail to the personality and requirements of the client. We specialize in the low profile 2 or 3 man protective detail but are prepared to provide large high profile details when required. So whether the client is an individual or group, Bedrock Protection has the resources and manpower to fit the assignment.


(702) 996-7111 Extension 2 
secure transportation services

Secure air and ground transportation yields productivity, privacy and comfort benefits.
Recent natural disasters, world events and notorious mass shootings have spotlighted operational security issues for key executives and meeting participants. Risk management and duty of care standards require a comprehensive and well thought out plan.  Air and ground transportation is a key, critical element at the center of those plans.

Transportation provided by trained security drivers or other means, covering the requisite duty and standard of care for your travelers.

Ground transportation - Let us coordinate the right mix of ground vehicles from a diverse fleet ranging from low-profile to luxury and armored vehicles. 

Air transportation - We connect you to your destination via a world-class fleet of over 4,000 safety audited aircraft partners worldwide. Your experience will be everything you expect without compromise.

Meet and Greet Service - Departures, Arrivals and Transfers: All executed with precision by our executive service team to provide you with comfortable, efficient passage.


(702) 996-7111 Extension 2 

Event Security



Bedrock has the experience to minimize risk, maximize the security and safety for all stakeholders and participants.


Bedrock specializes in the small to medium sized corporate event where access control and operational security are primary considerations.


(702) 996-7111 Extension 3 

Workplace Violence

The courts have interpreted OSHA's general duty clause to mean that an employer has a legal obligation to provide a workplace free of conditions or activities that either the employer or industry recognizes as hazardous and that cause, or are likely to cause, death or serious physical harm to employees when there is a feasible method to abate the hazard.

An employer that has experienced acts of workplace violence, or becomes aware of threats, intimidation, or other indicators showing that the potential for violence in the workplace exists, would be on notice of the risk of workplace violence and should implement a workplace violence prevention program combined with engineering controls, administrative controls, and training.


(702) 996-7111  Extension 3

hostile terminations

Hostile Employee Terminations ... The key to any hostile termination case is reducing the risk of preventable danger. Improperly handled terminations may put your company and employees at risk. Recent litigation and court rulings have placed the burden on the employer to provide a safe environment for the employees.

Bedrock has a proven program to manage the termination process that secures the work environment and protects the dignity of the employee(s) facing termination. Consult us before you terminate. 


Email: for details.

consulting and risk management

Charting a course through difficult situations or creating solutions for complex risk management requires an experienced team with real-world experience and credentials.

Bedrock provides select subject matter experts with international experience.
We identify risks while evaluating causes, sources, and consequences. Based on evidence and experience, we then determine which approach is best suited to your needs. We provide options and mitigation strategies for consideration to protect your organization's tangible and intangible assets, including people, property, intellectual property and reputation.


What Our Clients Say
  • "We used this agency to help us with an estate settlement. The Bedrock Agent was very professional and protected the assets of the estate while the other party collected the items from the probate settlement. He had to intervene with other party on several occasions and was able to maintain good order and respect from the party. I will recommend this agency to businesses and others I work with. Very professional Agents and very good at what they do."
    Ray B.

    Ray B.

  • "I also used bedrock for my business and I just want to say they treat you with loyalty and respect. Just an excellent experience, none of other agencies I used in the past could even compare ... would recommend to others."
    Jordan L.

    Jordan L.

  • “I am a employee for an national event planning firm and was able to work around the areas where your Special Projects Team was during our last convention. I was extremely impressed with there confidence and experience. The confidence and training they displayed was comforting and reassuring to those of us who were around your employees. I wanted to make sure I reached out to say how impressed I was with Bedrock. Thank you.”
    Austin D.

    Austin D.

  • “I've used Bedrock as a prime sub-contractor for a few years. They always satisfy the client and go out of the way to make me look good. Thank you.”
    James M.

    James M.

  • I've had the honor and pleasure of working with Bedrock Security as a partner/subcontractor for the last several years. They have always done an outstanding job. They take personal pride in making sure every assignment is done thoroughly and professionally.